Statement of Purpose

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During the 2013-2014 academic year, I participated in North Carolina State University’s Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) Program to learn about many aspects of working in an academic environment, observe undergraduate instruction, work with a a faculty teaching mentor, and gain experience through instructing an undergraduate course. In addition to PTP, I enrolled in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) program to focus on additional classroom management and instructional topics and improve my teaching abilities during an addition semester of classroom instruction. This portfolio was created as the culmination the PTP program in 2014, and expanded to include additional material for the CoAT program in 2015.

This teaching portfolio highlights my teaching philosophy and illustrates how it evolved since the beginning of the program. Details on training seminarsteaching artifacts, classroom observations and assessments, and other teaching and learning experiences are outlined here. Throughout the semester, I had more responsibility over the course with each week that passed, and this portfolio demonstrates that progression. I began by observing my faculty mentor deliver lectures and by grading the first exam. This was followed by instructing all classes for the second two thirds of the course, creating new and modifying existing homework exercises and quiz questions, developing learning objectives and guided notes for the last section of course material, and preparing and delivering a targeted final exam review. Lastly, I developed and administering two major assessments (the second exam and the final exam).

There was one change from the teaching artifacts proposed in the original PTP application. During the application process, I was planning to hold supplemental problem sessions during the fall 2013 semester to assist students with homework. Because of personal circumstances, I was not able to accommodate the late afternoon/evening sessions as I had done during previous semesters. In lieu of problem sessions, I offered regular morning office hours and supplemental afternoon office hours by appointment which effectively served the same purpose.

In addition to teaching activities described in the application material, I instructed the hydraulics laboratory section (CE 381) in Fall 2013. This serves as the first semester of instruction for the CoAT program, including 15 hours of classroom contact time. The course I instructed during Spring 2014 as part of PTP (Hydraulics, CE 382) is the pre-requisite (in some cases, the co-requisite) for that lab. Hydraulics (CE 382) served as the second semester of instruction for the CoAT program (>30 hours of classroom contact time). A few teaching artifacts associated with the lab course (CE 31) are provided in addition to the material for the lecture course (CE 382).


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