Professional Development in Teaching Activities

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Below is a list and a brief summary of teaching-related professional development activities I was involved in during the 2013-2014 academic year as part of the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) and Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) programs.

Fundamentals in Teaching (FIT)/CoAT: Introduction to Teaching , facilitated by Dr. Susana Klingenberg, 27 August 2013. This workshop covered basic aspects of classroom instruction and management for new teaching assistants and instructors.

PTP: Making the Most of Your PTP Experience, facilitated by Dr. Beth Overman and Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, 3 September 2013. This workshop introduced participants to the PTP program and prepared fellows and mentors to develop a good mentor relationship.

PTP: Motivating Students, Prof. Bryce Lane, Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor, Horticultural Science, 17 September 2013. This workshop covered different methods to engage students from the perspective of an experienced instructor whose own teaching philosophy focuses on student engagement.

FIT/CoAT: Student Engagement Workshop 2: Active Learning, facilitated by Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, 26 September 2013. This workshop introduced participants to many techniques for engaging students through active learning methods.

PTP: Technology Fair, facilitated by Ms. Katie McInerney, Training Coordinator, Office of Information Technology, Dr. Traci Temple, Associate Director, Instructional Technology Training and Support Services, DELTA, Dr. Sarah Egan Warren, Assistant Director Professional Writing Program, 8 October 2013. This workshop introduced the PTP fellows to various technological tools which can enhance instruction and learning, as well as systems which are useful or necessary for administration.

PTP: Teaching with Sensitivity to Difference, facilitated by Mr. Mark Newmiller, Director, Disabilities Services Office, 22 October 2013. This workshop discussed the different types of challenges some students may face and some of the resources available to these students.

PTP: Question, Persuade, Report: Suicide Prevention Training, facilitated by Ms. Angel Bowers LPC, NCC Coordinator of Outreach Services, North Carolina State University Counseling Center, 29 October 2013. This workshop discussed facts about suicide in and out of the university setting, the “QPR” method, and advised fellows how to approach a student of concern and how and when to contact the Counseling Center.

PTP: Getting the Inside Scoop, facilitated by Dr. Elizabeth Overman and panel of faculty members, 18 February 2014. This workshop provided fellows with the opportunity to speak with professionals who hold various positions in academia and consider which roles align with the fellow’s career goals.

PTP: Reflecting on the PTP Experience, facilitated by Dr. Elizabeth Overman, 18 March 2014. This workshop provided PTP fellows an opportunity to reflect on the program and discuss what was learned with other participants.

FIT: Managing Disruptive Classroom Behavior, facilitated by Dr. Brian Van Brunt from Western Kentucky University, pre-recorded and completed online. 22 February 2015.  In this workshop, Dr. Van Brunt discussed several cases of disruptive classroom behavior and different theories/models from psychology/counseling that could be employed by the instructor to manage such situations.

FIT: Establishing Credibility and Authority, facilitated by the PFL staff online, 22 February 2015. This workshop presented the idea that an instructor’s character and caring nature can contribute more to students’ positive perception of the instructor than competence alone can. Strategies for building credibility were discussed.


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