Faculty Observation, Spring 2014

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Context and Reflection:

My faculty mentor observed my final exam review session during which I summarized much of the course material and worked out several example problems that students had requested via the course online question and answer forum. After discussing the observed class with my mentor, I took away some ideas for improving my instruction and material delivery for future courses. For example, I began to work out some problems but left working out the solution to the students. Although although it is important for students to do problems and engage in self-directed learning outside of the classroom, it is also important to fully work through example problems and try to ensure that they understand the material. In fact this was some constructive feedback that some students left in their final course and instructor evaluations. I think this is an example of the importance of recognizing different learning styles. While some students will be motivated to complete exercises that were begun in class but not fully solved, other students lack the confidence or drive to do so. In the future, I think I will be better able to pace my lectures and will select problems that require an appropriate amount of class time to fully solved.

Faculty Mentor Feedback, Spring 2014


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