Artifacts of Teaching

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This page presents teaching artifacts developed during the 2013-2014 Preparing the Professoriate Program and the 2013 2014 Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching Program.

In Fall 2013, I instructed Hydraulics Laboratory (CE 381) in the department of Civil Environmental, and Construction Engineering. There were 30 contact hours for this course (1 hour lecture once per week, and 3 hour nominal lab session once per week).

In Spring 2014, I instructed Hydraulics (CE 382) from February through May. This course was broken into three sections of material, which each took approximately 5 weeks to cover during classroom sessions.

For each artifact, the timing of the artifact is stated in terms of the course material section. The purpose and goals of each item are described, as well as a reflection on the efficacy and areas for improvement for the each item. Click below to view the teaching artifacts.

Hydraulics Laboratory, CE 381 (PTP Observation Semester)

Lab Report Grading Rubric

Teaching Assistant Instruction Guide

Faculty Observation, Fall 2013


Hydraulics, CE 382 (PTP Instruction Semester)



Faculty Observation, Spring 2014

Peer Observation, Spring 2014

Student Class Evaluations, Spring 2014

Dimensional Analysis Course Module


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