NASA Astronaut Selection Process Announced

Contrary to what my recent blog activity might suggest, I have been very busy with work (only ONE MONTH until the first launch attempt for Mars Science Laboratory), applying to take the Professional Engineering examination in Florida (April 2012), studying for the GRE (PhD starting in 2012 hopefully!), and also enjoyed some time with old friends from Florida Tech at our Women's Soccer Alumi Weekend.

But, the most exciting thing of the last few weeks is the announcement that NASA Astronaut Selection will open in November!  Although only a very, very, VERY small percentage of applicants are actually selected to be candidates, I now have at least the basic qualifications to apply. I am a U.S. Citizen (thanks Mom and Dad!), I have the undergrad degree in engineering (Mechanical, also a graduate one), I have >3 years of professional experience, and I should be able to pass NASA flight physical! 

I'm looking forward to giving it my best effort – this is some literal shooting for the stars!  The best case scenario is me on my way to the moon, and the worst case is framing my rejection letter for posterity.  Both would be pretty cool (if not quite equally so).


 The closest I've been so far – Endeavour.

"Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss it you will land among the stars."
-  Les Brown



  1. I already brag about you all the time, and when I tell people where you work they pretty much assume you are an astronaut. Rarely do I correct them because hey, you’re on your way.

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