Back at it

Well, I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a while, spending my free time with more important things (namely Andrew prior to his deployment).  Sadly, he is now less-communicado now that he is in Afghanistan, which leaves me with quite a bit of free time for introspection (read: neurotic musings).  So… I’m back at it – that is to say, slightly obsessive cardio and then blogging about it (original, I know).

So, this weekend warrior biked, surfed, canoed, lifted, and jogged over the past three days.  Some of this was under my own free will, and part requried some encouragement.  Example:  my mom kicks ass and is training for an Olympic-distance traithlon here in Melbourne in October, so she dragged my butt out of bed and pushed me through 27 miles and four causeways.  You can’t let your mom beat you, right?  (Well, she totally could though if she wanted to :D).

Here’s a picture of us with my studying-abroad sister Maris.  Along with Andrew leaving, both my sisters are states or oceans away, leaving me with fewer athletic partners.


I have been tossing around the idea of doing a figure competition, so have been lifting 4 times a week for about 4 weeks.  I figured some cardio would help with the whole fat-loss aspect…but then I just compensated with mac and cheese, cobbler, and brownies.  Woops!

The weather is starting to turn from scorching Florida summer to the fabulous tepid autumn that I personally adore.  I’m looking forward to enjoying time outside over the next few months, though sadly it will be mostly solo 😦


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