STS-135 rollover and rollout pics

On May 17, I went out to watch the orbiter Atlantis make it's final journey from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the Vehicle Assembly Building.  I got a few pictures:


Later that day, a coworker sent out this link with the following satellite picture:


The following week, I got a chance to take family and friends out to see the final rollout of STS-135.  This is when the entire shuttle – orbiter, tanks, and all travels out to the launch pad on the giant tank-like crawler.  In my last post I wrote about the landing of STS-134, which took place at 2:35 am on June 1.  It was just a few hours prior to that (around 8:45 on May 31) when the rollout commenced.

IMG_1757Here is a picture of my lovely sister Maris and myself in front of the VAB, followed by me and Cari.












The viewing area was packed, and it was a bit sad to think that this was the last rollout of Atlantis.  Not sure I was feeling the music such as "Proud to be an American" blaring over the loudspeakers, but I guess to each his own or something.  I am glad I got to share this with Maris, Adam, Dave, and Cari.   


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