STS-134 launch and landing

It has been a while since my last post!  With my final projects for my Decision Analysis class at Stevens Institute of Technology, presenting a paper at the INCOSE Conference on Systems Engineering Research, and a lot going on at work (more on all of this later), I have been lacking motivation to be on my computer after work.  In any case, some updates are in order!

With the end of the shuttle program in sight, NASA is making an effort to get as many people as they can to see the remaining big events.  Those of us lucky to work at KSC are benefiting from this.  You may have seen my last post on the STS-134 rollout.  In addition to rollout, I also witnessed both launch and landing!

Launch took place in the middle of my normal workday, so I stepped outside the O&C building with my coworkers and looked north.  Unfortunately, there was some low cloud cover and we could only see the shuttle for a short time before it disappeared out of site.



A coworker forwarded me some pictures from above the clouds – I don't know to whom to credit these images, but if anyone knows, I will add that information. 


Finally, I was able to go out to the Shuttle Landing Strip to watch the final landing of Endeavour. Here's my pass and pin.

STS 134 landing pass

We had to board the bus about one horu prior to the first scheculed laniding opportunity, or just prior to the deorbit burn.  After the crew makes that maneuver, there is no turning back and they are heading back to Earth.  We rode the bus from the Launch Control Complex parking lot over to the Shuttle Landing Strip and waited.  Finally, Endeavour was in range and the dual sonic booms sounded loudly, startling me and the rest of the crowd.  It was difficult to see the final approach, but the video below captures the view I had.  You can see the chute behind the orbiter over the trees and Endeavour rolling to a stop.

Download Final Endeavor Landing Video (mvi)

Hope you enjoy!


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