How do you train the last week before a marathon?

This is a question I'm sure everyone who has run a marathon has asked.  I Googled around and found not a few different schedules.  This one from gives a good sample plan.  I'm going to modify it a bit based on my schedule:

  • Monday: Yoga / Core
  • Tuesday: 45 minute run/walk (5 min jog, 1 min at 5% incline [uphill, downhill], 1 min walk, repeat 6 times and cool down)
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: 6 mile jog/walk (jog 4, walk 1)
  • Friday: 45 minute run/walk (3 min jog, 1 min walk with a few uphills/downhills)
  • Saturday: Easy 20 minute jog
  • Sunday: Easy 20 minute jog, include 3 x 1 minute fast with plenty of recovery
  • Monday: Race Day!

This might be a little bit much for my knees, so I might  cut out a few miles based on how I'm feeling.

I also read that getting a good night's sleep is most important two nights before the run.  So, Saturday I'm going to shoot for a solid 9 hours on Saturday since Sunday night I will be lucky to get 5 hours due to my travel to Boston. 



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