Week in Review – 1

One week to go!!!!!!  I had a dream last night that my sister was doing the race with me and we somehow ended up arriving late and they wouldn't let us run!  I woke up and was panicking!

Luckily it was only a dream, and there are yet 7 and a half days until race day!  Here's my summary for the last week 🙂

General Workout Rest/ xtrain Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Tempo run Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Long Run
 Planned 2009-1 Workout Rest/ xtrain 3 mi @ 9:10

Rest/ xtrain

5 mi, 3 @ 8:38, cool Rest/ xtrain Rest/ xtrain 8 mi @ 9:10
Actual 2009-1 Disney Workout rest 2 mi jog rest 3.25 mi jog rest 8 mi in 61 min


Actual 2011-1 Boston WO-4/4
Rest Run 6 mi, bike 6 mi Stnry bike 45 min Rest


Walk 30 min Run 5.5 mi@ 10 min

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