Week in Review – 8

O….m………g.  Boston Marathon is in 2 months!!!!!!!!  Eight weeks to go.  ACK!  I am really getting FREAKED out.  I know it is going to be so challenging just getting there, and then running by myself without my sister is not going to be fun.  Additionally – I am doubting my ability to even finish this race!  I am not setting my expectations too high, but I want to be an official, qualified finisher, which means completing the race in less than 4:45.  It is going to be a mind game!

General Workout Rest/ xtrain Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Tempo run Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Long Run
 Planned 2009-8 Workout Rest/ xtrain 2 mi @ 8:55 Rest/ xtrain 9 mi inc wu, 1 mi repeats 2 mi @ 8:55 Rest/ xtrain 2 mi @ 8:55
Actual 2009-8 Disney Workout stnry bike stnry bike elliptical 60 min Rest Soccer 1 hr Rest Surfing
Actual 2011-8 Boston WO-2/14
Elliptical pushups ST Walk Bike (slow) 65 min, pushpus 3 mi in 25:30, pull ups push ups walk Run 6 mi Walk 6 mi

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