Week in Review – 9

What a PAINFUL recovery week it was!!!!!  Note to anyone out there – even if you think you are fit, if you ARE NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING as part of your training, DO NOT TRY TO RUN A HALF MARATHON.  I was pretty foolish to think I would be able to do as well in this half marathon as I did in the 2009 Space Coast half, especially considering I had run a grand total of 20 miles in the previous 9 months!!!  Walking is great and other types of cardio helped me to not feel tired in my heart or lungs, but my body was WRECKED! Monday I woke up so sore I had to lift my legs with my own hands to get them out of bed.  Driving was uncomfortable, as my hip flexors were ridiculously sore too.  My calf muscles felt like there were huge knots in them, and they were not fully gone until today (1 week later)!

I took it really slowly with a few recovery walks on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Thursday and Friday I managed a few minutes on the elliptical.  I also kept up with my pushups although that was pretty severe considering the pain in my hip flexors.

Sunday I went for a nice, slow, leisurely 5 mile walk/run with my aimiga Maeagen – but the hip flexors and calves were still screaming at me!  A soak in the hot tub helped a bit.  Here's the breakdown for the week…

General Workout Rest/ xtrain Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Tempo run Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Long Run
 Planned 2009-9 Workout Rest/ xtrain 5 mi @ 9:30 Rest/ xtrain 6 mi, 4 @ 8:54 Rest/ xtrain 15 mi  @ 9:30 Rest/ xtrain
Actual 2009-9 Disney Workout Soccer 1 hr 5mi in 35 min Soccer 1 hr

Run 45 min

Soccer 1 hr 15 mi in 2:20


Actual 2011-9 Boston WO12/20
Rest Walk Rest push ups, ST Walk, elliptical, ST

Walk push ups, ST

Rest Walk /run 5 mi 55 min

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