100 Pushup Challenge

I didn't make any firm resolutions this year in the fitness arena, but I did come accross something this week that would be a great goal!  It's….drumroll… the 100 pushup challenge!

The idea is simple – work up to doing 100 consecutive pushups.  The challenge posed on the website outlines the number of sets and reps to do each workout until you can do 100 in a row!  It requires about 10-15 minutes per day, three days per week. 

You can choose your starting point based on your current ability, even if that's only modified aka "girl" pushups.  The program also outlines three levels each week, so you can fine tune as needed by repeating one week several times but at slightly higher increments.  I started with full pushups on week 3, column 2.  Today that meant sets of 14, 19, 14, 14, and 17.  I could only eke out 10 of the last set though…

Hopefully I'll be smashing out 100 pushups about 2 months from now! 


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