High Intensity Interval Training

Today I tried "High Intensity Interval Training" on the elliptical trainer, combined with some information on treadmill running.  Basically, I wanted to get my heart rate high for short intervals followed by lower intensity rest intervals.  HIIT is thought to have benefits such as improving fat burning and being generally more "bang for your buck" as far as time is concerned.  There are some recent studies on HIIT (example here), but for me it is at least a challenging diversion and different from my normal boring routine.  For a total of 40 minutes, I did

  • 5 minute warmup
  • 2 minutes resistance 10/20, 170-180 strides per minute, heart rate 170-185
  • 3 minutes resistance 5/20, heart rate 140-160
  • Repeat 2 minute intervals with 3 minute cooldowns 5 more times (30 minutes total)
  • 5 minute cooldown

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