Hiking in San Francisco

My meetings ended for work yesterday, so I am spending some time in San Francisco with my old friend Brittany.  We did quite a lot of "urban hiking" (i.e. walking) to get breakfast this morning and dinner this evening.  In between, we did an ACTUAL hike at the Marin County Headlands, which is located just across the Golden Gate Bridge.  The weather was actually pretty bad – the fog was thick and didn't let up all day.  We started at Rodeo Beach and looped around several trails for about 3.5 hours (I'm estimating 10 miles).  The foggy misty weather left beautiful droplets on the plants and even spider webs:

San fran spiders web

However, we basically couldn't see anything except the trail for the majority of the time.  There were a few instances where we looked off from the trail and it was as if we were looking into nothingness.  The fog horns were going the whole time, which did help us somewhat keep our orientation.  However, we did get kind of lost a few times and ending up hiking for a lot longer than intended.

The street leading up to the Marin Headlins is called "Bunker Road" which is aptly named.  There are two forts in the area along with batteries, armories, bunkers, and other military sites along the coast.  You can see one below:

Palo alto battery

Despite the weather, it was a fun day!


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