Week in Review – 20

Took another day off today from cardio, but did about 10 core exercises (2 sets of ~15 each), 50 pushups, and some leg strengthening exercises.  Here's the week in review:

General Workout Rest/ xtrain Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Tempo run Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Long Run
 Planned 2009 Workout Rest/ xtrain 3 mi @ 9:45 Rest/ xtrain 5 mi, 3 @ 8:54 Or xtrain Rest/ xtrain 10 mi @ 9:45
Actual 2009 Disney Workout Rest 3 miles @ 9:40 Rest  5 miles Rest  surfing 6 miles @ 8:54
 Actual 2010 Boston Workout Walk 3 miles, core  

Walk 5 miles


Walk 7 miles

 Cycled 18 miles, walk 7 miles

walk 3 miles

Core, pushups, knee strength



One comment

  1. learning how to fly sailplanes??? holy crap dude. and we have to figure out how to convince my dad to spend the $$ for a road bike. 🙂

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