Week in Review – 21

SUPER exhausted after *paddling* (see note below Brice – you’re right, mostly!) for 2 hours, 15 minutes today (12 miles)!  Here’s a picture of the boat:


Kind of an easy-ish week, and I don’t have high expectations for Thanksgiving week, but we’ll see how it goes!

General Workout Rest/ xtrain Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Tempo run Easy Run Rest/ xtrain Long Run
 Planned 2009 Workout Rest/ xtrain 3 mi @ 8:55 Rest/ xtrain 8 mi, 6 @ 7:40 3 mi @ 8:55 Rest/ xtrain 10 mi @ 8:55
Actual 2009 Disney Workout Soccer 30 min “3 miles” on elliptical Rest  Stationary Bike Rest  Jog 1 mile Surfing
 Actual 2010 Boston Workout Rest  

 Tennis, ST 75 minutes


 Spinning Intervals, 25 mins

 Cycle intervals, 8 miles & core

 Theme Park walk 7 miles

Cayuco paddling 12 mi, 135 min

Paddling – “The main differences between paddling and rowing is that the item used to manually propel or ‘row’ the boat, known as an oar or sweep, is mechanistically connected to the boat (mechanism is referred to as an oarlock) whereas with paddling, the paddle is not connected.”

Rowing – “Watercraft rowing is the act of propelling a boat using the motion of oars in the water. The difference between paddling and rowing is that with rowing the oars have a mechanical connection with the boat whereas with paddling the paddles are hand-held with no mechanical connection.”


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