How much do you walk at a theme park?

My friend Allison and I are going to Universal tomorrow in Orlando, mainly to see Harry Potter World!!!!!  I've often wondered how much you end up walking at a theme park, so I'm going to see if I can track it while we're at the park, and I'll let you know!


Update:  First, Harry Potter World is awesome!

So I picked up a pretty sweet Omron pedometer at Walgreens on my way out to Orlando yesterday.  It's the nicest one I've had (no pendulum inside so it doesn't click when I walk), which makes sense since it's the only one I've ever purchased. 

Well, I got it all set up simply enough.  We walked from the Universal parking garage to the Islands of Adventure entrance, then did two full loops around the park (with extra time and steps in Harry Potter World =D).  We continued on to the front entrance of Universal Studios, and did one full loop there as well, then back out to the car for a total of approximately 6 hours.  All told, I had recorded about 15,000 steps.  Most estimates put one mile at approximately 2000 steps, so I'll be a little conservative and say I walked 7 miles yesterday.  Thinking about it now, it would be pretty simple to put 10 miles under your feet in one day, especially if you stayed the entire day and re-visited some of the attractions more than once.  We only went on 5 rides (the new Harry Potter ride got a second go-round).  I would say to estimate between 1-1.5 miles per hour spent at a park. 

On the flip side – don't let the extra walking trick you into eating too much junk!  Of course I had to try the "butterbeer" and "pumpkin juice" at HP World, though I'm pretty sure there were only minimal amounts of butter, pumpkin, or juice in either of those beverages (if any).  Sip 8 oz of pumpkin juice for around 110 calories (2 servings per bottle or cup), and if you try the butterbeer think "Squishy" a la The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart (ingredients: sugar, sugar, HFCS, sugar, water, sugar, butterscotch).  OK those aren't the actual ingredients, and it does taste pretty good (at least the first few swigs), but I'd recommend sharing it with a friend or four.



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