Tennis Tuesday

As I've been writing about, I am trying to find                                                                                activities thTennis_Racket_and_Ballsat let me stay active but don't necessarily require a lot of running and joltin g.  If you're any good at tennis, then that sport would NOT be good for staying low impact.  But, if you are pretty terrible at it like me (and play doubles), it can be a fun workout and I feel like it's not to hard on my joints.  If there is some crazy save to make, I usually let it go.

Today in my league we were short a player, so we played Australian which is actually really fun.  Basically, one person plays alone and two people play together…the singles player can return on the doubles lines, and vice versa.  If the singles player wins, he/she gets 2 points and if the  doubles side wins, each player gets 1 point.  After someone gets 18 points, the game is over!

We play at courts that are right by the river, and since the time changed last weekend, the sun set about midway through game.  It was a beautiful evening with cool breezes and mosquitos (bonus!).  In the end, I did not win (if you've ever seen me play, then you won't be surprised) but it was fun!  Finished up the evening with core and short 15 minute strength workout.

 Photo: Wikipedia Commmons   


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