Roof leak workout?

Some much-needed rain nourished my lawn on Tuesday, but also made me aware of a leak in my roof (that's not actually my roof in the picture – should have thought of that before)! 

Blow-off With about 110% chance of rain tomorrow, I solicited the help of my father and we did a temporary "fix."  Climbing a ladder and lugging around 50 bricks and 4 cinder blocks to hold down a tarp was a little more difficult then I thought – a good warmup anyway.

I finished up the day with a legitimate workout – my current four exercise ab circuit (bicycles, plank with hip drops, reverse crunchs, and pilates roll-ups) and a light freeweight circuit of 12 exercises (each of which is supposed to work several muscle groups).

All this while hanging out with my roommate and watching a movie (please dont ask which one – it's too emberassing)!



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