Week in Review – 24

Twenty-four weeks to go, and not quite motivated to train too hard.  Yesterday I did go wedding dress shopping with my sister yesterday which I would argue is an endurance sport!  In addition to the shopping marathon, I was pretty active this week to be sure, but I really need to get on top of the interval training!

So another thing I didn't accomplish this week was improving my HTML abilities and as such, here is my pathetic chart of what I did this week:

Rest or cross train Easy Run Rest or cross train Tempo Run Easy Run Rest or cross train Long Run
Rest or cross train 3 miles @ 9 min/mile Rest or cross train Warm up 1 mi, 4×1600 @ 7:07 w/800 jog, cool down 2 mi @ 9 min/mi Rest or cross train 10 mi @ 9 min/mi
Actual 2009
Disney workout
Abs Crunch Cardio workout -30 min 3 mi @ 8:45 min/mi soccer 45 min rest 1/4 mi walk
1/2 in 4:30
1 mi @ 7:03
1/2 in 4:30
1 mi @ 7:03
1/3 in 3 min
1 mi @ 7:03
1/6 in 1.5 mn 1/4 walk
Cardio & strength videos, 60 minutes rest
Actual 2010
Boston workout
~15 min
~15 min abs
~3@15 min (trdml incline intervals)
~5.5 mi hike
Rest ~core
~upper body
Rest ~core
~upper body
~stationary bike, easy 60 minuts
~1 hour kayak
~lower body

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