Cardio plan!!!

I read a cool article on Runner's World that provides an example training program for a man who wants to train ~4 days per week and also lose 20 pounds while training for a marathon over a period of 24 weeks.  While I'm within my "healthy weight" and body mass index (BMI) I would like to cut some body fat which would entail dropping about 5-10 pounds.  With the combination of cardio and strength training, this is a great opportunity to do it!

So, the workout below is modified from RW.  Basically I tried to make this workout work for me – and that means not too much running!  This is part 1 of 3

Weeks 1-8 Speed

Why: RW says: "Intervals and other speedwork jump-start your weight-loss by burning through calories at a high rate.:

How: Instead of running, I'm going to do these workouts swimming or water running (more on that later this week) two or three times per week.  Do reps of two- to four-minute intervals at about 95 percent effort.  This might be hard to guage at first, but I was going to go by my heart rate (targeting 85% – 90% of my max – calculate yours here).  Start with sessions of 15 to 20 minutes, such as 6 x 3 minutes or 5 x 4 minutes. Recover by swimming slowly or treading water easily for the sime time as the intervals.  Gradually work up to 40 minutes of speedwork (so about 80 minutes total). Separate interval days with one or two days of easy cardio.

Strength:  Continue to strength train (upper-body, lower-body, and core exercises)!


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