Strength plan

OK I'm really annoyed, I wrote an entire post and swear that I published it and now it's gone.  ARRGGGH.

Anyway, I basically wrote about how strength training is super important.  My legs need to be strong to help stabalize my knees, but it's also really crucial to work out the upper body and core as well.

Core (3-4 days a week) – this is from Women's Running, October 2009:

Do 3 sets of 15 of the following:

  • Bicycle crunch
  • Plank with hip drop
  • Pilates roll-up
  • Reverse crunch

Hold plank position 20-60 seconds

Upper body (2 days a week):

  • I'm kind of lazy so I try to hit every muscle group during each workout, just in case I slack off and don't work out another time 🙂

Lower body (3 days a week):

  • Seated leg raises (3 x 15 each side)
  • Lying side leg raises (3 x 15 each side)
  • Three-way calf raises (3 x 15 each direction – toes out, toes in, feet parallel)
  • Squats or leg press (NOT a deep squat or past 90 degrees and with light weight)

I'm not a doctor or trainer, so use common sense and ask your medical professional before you start or change your exercise program!


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