Week in Review – 25

Last year, Kelsey and I trained for 33 weeks prior to the Disney Marathon.  I'm starting at Boston minus 25 weeks…

I thought it would be interesting to compare what I did week by week leading up to Disney with what I'm doing this year for Boston.  Below is my "week 25 in review."  I'm going to consider the "week" as Monday through Sunday, with week zero (0) being Monday, April 11 through Sunday, April 17.  So, I'm counting down from 25…

I included my prescribed workout based on a Runner's World training plan I generated last year.  I also included what I actually did last year, and what I actually did this week.  As I've said, I'm going to limit my running miles this year but still want to train hard.  Right now, I'm not really sure what the best methods will be, so I am just going to try out different training activities that will hopefully increase my strength and endurance enought to succeed in April!

Sorry this table is going to be formatted horribly.  I am still learning how to format this site and utilize HTML to my advantage.  I'll try to fix this by next week!

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Rest or cross train Easy Run Rest or cross train Tempo Run Easy Run Rest or cross train Long Run
Rest or cross train 3 miles @ 9 min/mile Rest or cross train Warm up 1 mi, 5 mi @ 7:41 min, 1 mi cool 2 mi @ 9 min/mi Rest or cross train 10 mi @ 9 min/mi
Actual 2009
Disney workout
Rest  3 mi @ 8:15 min/mi Rest or cross train 1/2 mi@10 min, 5@ ~7:41, 1/2@ 10 min Stationary bike, 45 min Rest or cross train 9.95 mi in 1:27:30 (8:48 min/mi)
Actual 2010
Boston workout
Rest ~Walk 1 mi
~Stationary bike 5 min
~Full body strength train
~Walk 2.5
mi @ 19 min/mi
Sky Diving Rest ~Stationary
bike, 25 min intervals
~Strength – Upper body and abs
~Strength –
Full body
~Hiking – 2.5 miles, +400 ft elevation gain, 1 hour, 30 min

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