Cross training – does skydiving count?

Well, yesterday I did something new and ridiculously exciting – SKYDIVING with my friend Alejandra.  I looked it up on Spark People and found that it burns about 60 calories in 15 minutes, but I imagine that's if you are actually controlling the parachute.  Of course I was just kind of dangling there below the instructor, so I'd guess that 60 calories is a bit of a stretch – not much of an endurance workout that's for sure.  It's likely is that I got more of a workout from screaming my lungs out and laughing hysterically (we'll call it cicular breathing and make it sound official) at the pictures and video than I did from the actual jump.


1021Alejandra 004

I will say there are some similarities to the way I felt when we landed as to when I finished my first marathon.  There was a feeling of "holy $h!t I can't believe I just did that" and a little bit of euporia in having participated in something out of the realm of everyday life.  While I'm not planning to make this part of my regular marathon training, I do believe that challenging oneself, whether mentally or physically, leads to a greater belief in what one can accomplish.  Pushing the limits of my experience always makes me more confidnet in myself. 

If extreme sports aren't your thing, try something a little less intense but new to you!  Maybe snorkel in the ocean, or join a bike race, or even try a weird new food!  The more you push your comfort zone, the bigger that zone becomes! 

Tomorrow:  I'm going to kick my butt in the gym and get off to a good start with a strengthening program!


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