“Has-been” soccer players turned marathoners

OK, so I’ve been trying to add an HTML countdown clock for Boston with no success.  So…until I figure it out, approximately 178 days left?  As motivation, here's a screen capture of our Disney Marathon finishing photo and time!


While I procrastinate on starting a legitimate training program, I’m going to go into a little more of the back story.  My lovely sister Kelsey and I decided in May of 2009 that we were going to run the 2010 Disney Marathon.  Both she and I have played sports for most of our lives, but have come to the end of our “serious” athletic careers.  Kelsey was very successful as a swimmer in high school, but preferred soccer and stuck with that through college at Stetson University in Deland, Florida.  She received numerous awards, including Stetson’s Female Athlete of the Year as a senior in 2007 along with Regional All-American for NCAA Division I.  I favored track to swimming in high school (though I did drag myself through one season in the pool) but also stuck with soccer in college.  I played DI one year for Virginia Tech, but finished up my eligibility at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL with my highest honor being named to the Regional Academic All-American team for NCAA Division II. 

 I’m sure a lot of former high school or college athletes have dealt with what we’ve been facing – the desire to keep eating a lot!  This may seem like a silly problem, but I was used to working out HARD for around 2 hours every day.  During pre-season training or tournaments, Kelsey and I would sometimes run, play, and lift weights for upwards of 5-6 hours.  Conservatively, we could eat probably around 3000-3500 calories a day and maintain our weight.

 Fast forward a few years, and our apetite (or at least our desire to keep eating) had not diminished much, but our activity level had.  Without a goal or competition on which to focus, we were both excercising just to excercise just to keep eating – and what fun is that?!  I'd say we were both a little antsy and looking for a new challenge and purpose to our wokout, so we set our  minds on a marathon and began our training program.  I used the Runner's World website to create two training plans – one to get us to a half marathon in about 4 months from a 5k training distance, and another to go from the 13.1 miles to 26.2 by Disney (January 10, 2010).  It was a great program for us to follow, though we of course modified it to fit our schedule.  We also pretty much ONLY focused on RUNNING and not much on strength, stability, or speedwork.  You'll see in the couple posts I linked to that we did about 530 miles leading up to Disney and, while we qualified for Boston, we also had a lot of wear and tear to show for it (Kelsey ended up with a hip fracture)!

You might draw a few conclusions about Kelsey and I from the above:

  1. We are dedicated athletes
  2. We are a little bit crazy

Kelsey, feel free to refute this, but we know it's true!  I'll speak for myself and say I'm kind of an "all or nothing" person, which can be a positive and negative.  In training for Boston, I'm going to try something new for me – BALANCE:

  1. Eat well so I have the nutrients to train
  2. Don't overeat so I don't have to over-exercise to maintain my weight
  3. Train smart – and run as little as possible (this is something I want to discuss a lot!)

…well, I'll start tomorrow and let you know how it goes!


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