Have YOU sat in the crew cabin of the Shuttle?

Last week, I got the AMAZING opportunity to get up close and with Space Shuttle Endeavour in one of the Orbiter Processing Facilities at Kennedy Space Center.  Endeavour is scheduled to laBunny suited :)unch a few months from now.  Not only did my small group get a floor-level tour, we also were able to enter the crew cabin and even the airlock!  The bunny suits, as you see, are very flattering!

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures.  I'll try to add them all to a photo album shortly!

Future astronaut?



I would be looking out of the "windshield" here (if it wasn't covered up in order to protect it from any falling objects during processing at the Orbiter Processing Facility).




Below is a picture I took from the airlock looking into the Payload Bay.  The long, red tubes are covering the robotic arms that are used for maneuvering while on orbit (sometimes you will see an astronaut with his/her feet strapped in to the end of the arm).  The red circle is where the orbiter can dock with the International Space Station.


Here's a picture of me, finishing up my short "shuttle ride."




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