Discovery’s last roll from VAB to Pad 39A (STS-133)

Got an opportunity to watch space
shuttle Discovery roll out to Pad 39A from KSC's Vehicle Assembly Building
last night (thanks to Dave!),
2010-09-20 rollout-2 IMG_20100920_202729 along with my mom. 

We arrived at the scheduled start time (20:00) but Discovery atop the crawler-transporter had already begun its journey (NASA sites say 7:23 p.m.).  We stayed for about an hour, admiring the giant shuttle-shaped shadow cast on the VAB exterior wall by a spotlight as well as the International Space Station, which just so happened to cross right above us at around 8:30. 

Here's a picture from my phone – I will post some better ones later. 

Can't wait for launch (November 1 at 4:40 pm is the current target) and the mission (Permanent Multipurpose Module and Robonaut 2 are headed to the ISS).  See for lots more info.



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