Overcoming blaziness… (the act of being lazy with blog posting)

Well, I have not posted in a long time!  Basically, I finished the two classes I was taking at Stevens Institute of Technology ([1]Software Safety and Reliability Engineering and [2] Systems Integration), and haven't been "motivated" so much to write up any interesting posts.  I have to say that while I am a driven person and somewhat an overachiever, the threat of a poor grade is sometimes the only motivator for me to do something semi-cerebral after work.  With only two classes to go towards this masters program, I'm going to have to look for a new challenge soon!  In any case, I digress…

Slc3 Despite my lack of bloggation (I'm coining this term too), I have actually been very busy with work the last few months both in the office and on the road.  Two trips to Denver (United Launch Alliance in Waterton), two trips to Vandenberg Air Force Base, and one to Greenbelt, MD (Goddard Space Flight Center) in support of 3 different missions and other projects (such as NASA assessment of SLC-3E, left picture) have really kept this rolling stone more or less moss-less.  I thought I might just chat about what I've been up to lately over the next few posts to keep my tens of loyal readers up to speed! 

I am the lead system safety engineer for NASA's Launch Services Program on the following missions:

  • MSL – Mars Science Laboratory (Launch date ~11/2011)
  • IRIS – Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (Launch date ~12/2012)
  • MAVEN – MArs Volatile EvolutioN (Launch date ~12/2013)

These are my main focus right now.  I am definitely going to elaborate on these super interesting programs, but if you just can't wait simply click the mission name and you can check out the NASA site about it!


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