Launch Day! STS-132, last scheduled Atlantis flight!

Less than four hours until the last scheduled launch of Atlantis.  Follow the minute-to-minute updates at SpaceflightNow.  I just watched the astronauts leave from the building where I work, the Operations and Checkout building (O&C)IMG_0430

It's a gorgeous day today, one of the last few before the oppressive summer heat starts to roll in and the almost-daily thunderstorms along with it.  KSC employees were out in droves to see the astronauts off on their way to SLC-39.

This mission will take Atlantis and its crew to the International Space Station to deliver an "Integrated Cargo Carrier" and a
"Mini Research Module" built by the Russians.  More info about the mission here.

IMG_0443 IMG_0445


I got the chance to go out to the STS-132 rollout a few weeks ago.  Well, let me rephrase that – I went out to the first two scheduled rollout attempts, onl 
y to have both scrubbed.  The third time was the charm, but with that time being around midnight, I did not make it up to watch.  However, I did get some pictures from the Turn Basin of STS-132 stacked in the VAB, doors open, ready to roll…


I had just gotten meniscus surgery earlier in the day (April 19), and was hobbling over the potholes and uneven ground with one crutch.  My parents felt bad for me (and wanted to see the rollout), so we drove up together and got some good pictures, even though
IMG_0401 we only got to see Atlantis from afar.  My dad has some better pictures on his super high-res camera – so dad send those to me 🙂

Our next attempt (me, parents, and Allison) was the following day (April 20) at around 5 pm, but that was scrubbed again due to weather before we even got up to KSC.  Bummer.

The next few pictures were sent to me, though I am not sure who took them.  If you know to whom I should attribute the photos, please let me know!

These are the rollover photos of Atlantis moving from the OPF to the VAB, prior to getting erected and stacked on the crawler.

Pictures of ATLANTIS last roll-out from OPF-1 4-13-10 025 (2) 

Pictures of ATLANTIS last roll-out from OPF-1 4-13-10 025 (21)


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