Google Analytics is cool!

So, I still have a TON of studying to do for my final exams, and I thought what better way to prepare than to procrastinate until I have such little time left to study that I am really motivated (i.e. panicking)?!  Maybe that's not a logical strategy, but it seems to be my default modus operandi.

In any case, my digression into procrastination began with the best of intentions.  I simply logged in to my eLearn site for the Stevens Institute of Technology classes I'm taking, only to see that my Software Safety and Reliability Professor had already posted grades for the ~30 page paper my team and I submitted <48 hours ago!  To my delight, we got full points on the assignment, and I was curious to see if my post from yesterday which included this paper had gotten any hits.  Since I'm a dork, I was excited to see that it had indeed (yay) and so I logged on tGoogle-analyticso my Google Analytics account to get the scoop.  

Image – Google Analytics.

If you have a website or blog and don't use some tracking tool, you should try Google Analytics.  It breaks down hits to your site by visitor, traffic sources, content and gives you insight into keyword hits, time on your site, in pretty much any way you can imagine (raw number of hits by category, percentage, and so on).  My favorite feature is the map overlay – basically you can see how many hits have come from each country over a certain time period. 

For example I had 233 visits from 18 countries since the beginning of the year.  I know that's not really a lot, but how cool is it to think that there is at least one person in each of 18 other countries that is reading something I wrote (or at least accidentally arriving on my blog only to quickly escape out of boredom :D)!!

Anyway…now that I've checked all my emails, Facebook, bank accounts, and blog (and, lets be honest, a lot more pointless surfing…e.g. Urban Dictionary), let's see if I can get some studying done!  Megan, OUT!


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  1. 18 countries. Not too shabby.
    Want another way to procrastinate, Megan? You can do space–related quizzes, such as which countries have sent humans to space. Or, if you’re like me, brush up on some geography. Sporcle has helped me master the names and locations of each country in South America, North America, Europe, and Africa while simultaneously allowing me to evade all academic responsibilities. I will conquer Asia next. We can do it together when you’re not taking class this summer. =)

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