SpaceX on its way?

So, SpaceX finally performed its planned hotfire test on Saturday, igniting all 9 Merlin first stage engines for a 3.5 second period:


With the company slated for 12 resupply missions to the International Space Station through ~2016 (Orbital Sciences Corporation has 8), hopefully this successful step puts the company on its way to having a successful commercial launch vehicle soon.  With so many changes a-brewin' within NASA, commercial space, and really the industry worldwide, I think it would be a glimmer of hope to many around Kennedy Space Center and throughout the country.  A new company with new launch vehicles and several planned launches will need employees, and that could mean new jobs around Florida's Space Coast.  If this commercial model proves itself to be mutually beneficial to government and capital interests, it could really give the industry a boost.  I'll be interested to see…


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