Satellite Remants in Mongolia

I thought this was a really cool picture:


Most people probably don't think much about what happens after a rocket launch.  Sure we're all familiar with the Shuttle, the jettisoned SRBs which are retreived, and the external tank which isn't.  But what about the satellites that launch on rockets like the Delta II or Atlas V.  Like they say…what comes up must come down (eventually…unless it's on an escape trajectory).  There are hundred of unused satellites orbiting the earth, and thousands of pieces of space junk to boot!  It's pretty impressive to see this hunk of steel which landed on February 19 in Buren soum of Tuv province, Mongolia.  This 7.5-meter diameter object was most likely from one of those satellites that is no longer in use and luckily plummeted into an empty field. 

With more and more satellites being launched every year, and fewer and fewer "empty fields," this is a topic that I think will be getting more attention in the future!


One comment

  1. Looked at this from across the room, sans glasses, and thought it was a Galapagos Tortoise…et voila…brown elliptical space junk! Actually a great photo.

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