My sister…is hardcore

Well, as I wrote last week, my sister Kelsey and I finished the Disney Marathon in Orlando, FL and just barely qualified for Boston.  This is the rest of the story…

Back in May, we started with the goal of a 4:00 marathon, but over the months decided to really go for it and try for 3:40.  Disney started out great, with Port-O-Pottys galore and us placed in the correct corral.  At first, the miles did seem to go by pretty quickly, especially with all the people running and watching and the intrigue of the course.  But, by mile 17 Kels was really in pain.  We were a bit ahead of our required pace of 8:23 having averaged around 8:10 up to that point.  So, we slowed down a bit, and with each mile that passed I calculated what our minimum pace would be in order to qualify – including the 59 second grace period that is allowed.  Kelsey and I have kind of an agreement that I never tell her our pace or time, but just let her know if we are on target.  She, in turn, can totally pick it up at any point and push me faster than I would really like to go.

At this point, I pretty much wanted to quit, and was contemplating using Kelsey's pain as an easy cop-out.  But, I was not injured or anything, and besides my knees and joints, wasn't really suffering too much.  If I didn't know it before, I can certainly attest now to the mind-game that is running.  The rest of the race was a rotation from watching the clock, asking Kelsey if she wanted to stop, thinking in my brain, "man, I wish she would stop," and then realizing that we were very, very close to reaching our goal…

And then, the 3:40 minute pace group passed us at mile 23…they had begun slightly ahead of us so I knew their chip time was a little more than ours, and that we could finish somewhat behind them and still qualify.  So, we picked it up as best we could, and Kelsey sucked up all the pain in her hip, and we trucked it to the end finishing with less than 20 seconds to spare between the two of us.  

I felt like passing out right then, and Kelsey's hip was hurting her so badly that we had to go pretty slowly back to the car.  At the time she didn't know it, but in the week since she found out she had a large fracture in her right hip, and has likely had it for some time (at least several weeks).  That she was able to do the whole entire 26.2 miles on it, ignore the pain, and achieve a time that we thought was impossible when we started training in May, is…pretty much unbelievable!

Now that the race is over, and we have months before we need to get seriously training for Boston, I definitely feel like I'm in somewhat of a slump, and I know it's even worse for Kelsey.  Hopefully she'll be "up and running" in a few months so we can get back to what we seem to do best together – training!


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