Mens sana in corpore sano; or, how one must be slightly insane to try a marathon; or, how to qualify for Boston by the skin of your teeth!

 K&mSChalf3 K&mSChalf

Kelsey and I almost to the finish line at the Space Coast Half in November; just finished in <1:41!

While I've usually been writing about work and school, another big part of my life this year has been…running.  While I've been pretty athletic all my life, this year my sister and I decided to attempt a new challenge…a marathon.  In theory, I think it's a good idea to push yourself outside the norm of what you do on a daily basis.  Also…bragging rights, right?   So, for health, fitness, and undying glory, starting in late May, we began a training program for the Disney marathon.  At the time, we had only done one 10K in 2009…so we used that as a starting point to get a training plan for a half marathon and then used the half marathon as the basis for the marathon program.  

Well, over the last 8 months, we have done a 5K (~24:30) 10K (46:40), half marathon (~1:41) picture above), and finally, ultimately, the Disney marathon (3:40:47) today!  We've run just about 530 miles leading up to the marathon, and have definitely gone on longer (distance and time-wise) runs then I'd ever imagined I'd do!  I'm sure I learned a lot from this grand amount of exertion…but the real takeaway from today was either:

1)  The human body was not meant to run for 26 miles; or

2)  Holy guacamole how did I just do 26 miles?

Maybe both…  The run was pretty awfully painful and that was exacerbated by the near to below freezing temperatures in Orlando!  It was a complete mind game, with my brain telling me I should just quit even when I reached the last mile!

If I wasn't about to pass out from exhaustion, I might write more pearls of wisdom…but maybe tomorrow!



  1. Megan, you are amazing. And though you don’t inspire me to run a marathon (f that s) you will inspire me to “keep going” on the tredmill long after I’ve gotten bored and at least for a little while longer after I’m tired. 🙂

  2. Great job, Megan! 🙂 530 miles?! Holy guacamole is correct! You have overcome aan ultimate challenge that most would not even attempt to start! Wonderful job to you and your sister! 🙂

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