Holiday hullabaloo

Lots of speculation this week about the future of Constellation and some other shakeups around the agency (management change at IV&V).  Science Magazine  report that NASA should be getting a $1 billion boost in funding in 2011, but it sounds like Ares 1 will get the axe in favor of the single Ares V "lite" heavy launcher as proposed in the Human Spaceflight Committee report.  With the health insurance overhaul all figured out (ha) and Afghanistan too (mmhmm), at least there will be news around NASA to keep us all interested!

Luckily for me, science missions and ELV launches are scheduled out for several years, including the upcoming Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) launch followed by Glory at the end of 2010.

Well, on the eve of Christmas and in the theme of the holiday, a fun video highlighting some of the accomplishments of the great Saturn-exploring Cassini!  Cheers!


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