WISE scheduled to launch today!

NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) is scheduled to launch today after working out some trouble related to a vernier engine.  I'm excited to be heading into Vandenberg Air Force Base VAFB to sit on console for launch (even though it's currently 12:45 AM PST)!

Outside SLC-2 Fairing and WISE

Image Credit: NASA

Above are some pictures of the WISE mission.  On the left is Space Launch Complex 2  (SLC-2) where the Delta II 7320 carrying WISE is waiting to launch.  The picture on the right is the WISE spacecraft configured on top of the Delta II.  A portion of the fairing has been installed in this picture, which will protect the spacecraft through launch until it reaches orbit.

OK, I've got to go!  GO WISE!



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