Welcome to my blog!  I hope this will be place where we can learn from each other.  My name is Megan Jaunich and I'm from Florida's "Space Coast."  I got my bachelors and masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology.  I love sports and athletics, and played NCAA division I (1 year at Virginia Tech) and II (3 years at Florida Tech) soccer. 

Currently, I work for Millennium Engineering and Integration Company, a NASA contractor, at Kennedy Space Center, FL.  I am a system safety engineer focusing on evaluating spacecraft design and processing activities for any potential personnel safety implications during checkout, functional testing, transport, and integration with the launch vehicle.  I support these missions: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/launchingrockets/

I'm also working on a second masters degree from Stevens Institute of Technology.  Right now I'm focusing on Systems and Software Engineering, and have become very interested in how vital communication is between individuals, teams, and within all organizational structures, whatever the type.  Projects run into trouble when requirements aren't clear and complete, and solid requirements can only be achieved through open and frequent communication between the customer and development team. 

My ultimate goal and lifelong dream is to be an astronaut.  To that end, I am continuously trying to expand myself academically and professionally.  I appreciate any advice or recommendations from you!

Below is a picture of a Delta II launch vehicle carrying the Kepler satellite (March 2009).  This was the first mission I was involved with.  A great site for generally non-copyrighted images is http://www.nasa.gov/centers/kennedy/multimedia/index.html.


Photo Credit: NASA



  1. oops….didn’t realize that this was a smart person ONLY blog. i apologize in advance for dumbing it down with my presence.

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